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About Us

Established in 2017, Travels Speed was born out of a great desire to ensure quality travel experience, through tourism, tours, and excursions. We believe that getting to visit and knowing foreign cultures and lifestyles will help an average Nigerian to rise above average living. We understand that exposure is education on its own and we are committed to making travels & tours most affordable. Travels Speed has excelled as a travel agency has put smiles on thousands of faces in the course of her existence. We are expanding into becoming an Online Travel Agency, with the aim of creating for our prospects and customers a reliable do-it-yourself platform to ensure cheapness, speed, comfort and minimize or eliminate errors. We can help to plan your vacations, excursions, official trips, tours and basic travels at an inexpensive charge yet ensuring maximum satisfaction of service.

What we stand for…


To be Africa's most reliable agency on travels and tours.


We are a group of dependable experts, who are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction by rendering quality services at the least cost possible.



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